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Reel Return Policy

Returnable reels are the property of Nehring Electrical Works. To assure the prompt return of these reels to Nehring Electrical Works, a deposit is required for each returnable reel shipped to a customer.

Reels returned within 1 year from the date of invoice will receive a 100% deposit refund.  Reels returned within 2 years from the date of invoice will receive a 75% deposit refund.  For reels outstanding for more than 2 years please contact your Nehring Electrical Works sales agent for refund amount.

Normal wear is expected on reels returned.  But if a reel is returned with exceptional damage which makes the reel unusable, Nehring Electrical Works reserves the option to refuse acceptance and retain the reel deposit or to repair the damage and deduct the charges from the customer’s refund. Nehring Electrical Works will coordinate reel transportation. Customers shall ship, freight collect, via Nehring Electrical Works designated carrier. Customer shall prepare a bill of lading, or manifest to accompany the reels, which includes the number of reels, date of return, origin, and destination designated by Nehring Electrical Works.

Excess transportation costs resulting from shipping other than in accordance with the instruction given by Nehring Electrical Works will be deducted from the reel refund or charged to Customer’s account.