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Though our reputation speaks for itself, we feel it’s best to hear from those who have experienced it first hand.
Paige image
Paige presented the Nehring team with the award of appreciation in recognition of outstanding teamwork and support throughout the Nehring/Paige/AEP strategic alliance.
Alabama Power image
Alabama Power awarded Nehring employees with an appreciation of superior performance for efforts following the April 2011 tornadoes.
Alliant Energy image
Alliant Energy acknowledged Nehring as an essential part of the Supply Chain Team for producing and delivering urgently needed cable as a result of “Ice Storm 2007”.
Alabama Power image
Alabama Power awarded Nehring the superior performance plaque for providing much-needed assistance in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.
Detroit Edison image
Detroit Edison bestowed upon Nehring thanks and appreciation for tireless efforts in joining forces to help during the March 1997 ice storm.