Solid Aluminum Tie-Wire

Product Description

Bare aluminum EC grade solid conductor.

DSA “Utility Grade” Aluminum Tie Wire

Nehring offers DSA “Utility Grade” Aluminum Tie Wire with greater elongation than standard soft drawn aluminum. ¬†Our “Utility Grade” Aluminum offers greater flexibility making it easier for lineman to tie down insulators on a hot line.


To secure conductor to pin type insulators on a distribution line.

Specification Data

ASTM B-230 Aluminum 1350-H19 wire for electrical purposes

Product Data

Size (AWG) Stranding Diameter (inches) Weight Per 1000 Feet (lbs.) Breaking Strength (lbs.)
8 SOLID .1285 15.2 40
6 SOLID .1620 24.1 232
4 SOLID .2043 38.4 369
2 SOLID .2576 61.0 586

*Manufactured with pride in DeKalb, IL USA.

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