Copper-Clad Rods

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Product Description

High carbon steel with an electrolytically applied copper finish in 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", and 1" diameters in varying lengths. Available in single type and sectional ground rod styles.


Driven into the ground in the construction process for tower, substation, pole, and necessary grounding of all major projects.

Specification Data

UL listed product with a .010" copper electroplated finish on high quality high carbon steel.

Product Data

Copper-Clad Rods



Rod Diameter x LengthU.L. Listed*Weight (lbs.) per 100 Pcs.Nehring Part No.
1/2 x 6-415945000000
1/2 x 8 Non-UL-549941050000
1/2 x 8 Full Sized ULUL549941080000
1/2 x 10UL684941100000
5/8 x 6-530941150000
5/8 x 8UL704941200000
5/8 x 10UL879941250000
3/4 x 6-775941300000
3/4 x 8UL1,035941350000
3/4 x 10UL1,284941400000
1 x 10-2,325946150000

Copper-Clad Sectional Rods



Rod Diameter x LengthU.L. Listed *Weight (lbs.) per 100 Pcs.Nehring Part No.
5/8 x 8UL704942100000
5/8 x 10UL879942150000
3/4 x 8UL1035942200000
3/4 x 10UL1284942500000
1 x 10UL2325942300000

*UL only lists rods 1/2" diameter or larger and 8" lengths or longer.