PVC Telecommunications Ground Wire

Product Description

Manufactured from annealed, solid copper conductors, providing high conductivity and flexibility.

  • PVC insulation is available in a wide range of colors: black, beige, olive, gray, and green; on coils, spools, coil in boxes, and reels.
  • Standard shipments in 200 ft., 300 ft., and 500 ft. lengths; other lengths available upon request


These products are intended for use in making ground connections in customer premise or local area network (LAN) wiring.

Specification Data

ASTM B-3 Soft or annealed copper wire
  • Meets all U.L. listing requirements for protection and grounding conductors
  • Intended for use in accordance with article 800-31 (NEC)

Product Data

Size (AWG) Insulation Thickness (inches) Diameter (inches) Weight Per 1000 Ft. (lbs.)
14 .020 .104 16.0
12 .023 .127 25.0
10 .024 .150 37.0
6 .031 .224 91.0
6 (BARE) N/A .162 79.5
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