Guy and Messenger Wire

Aluminum Clad Steel "As" Wire - Guy & Messenger Wire

Product Description

Concentric-lay-stranded conductors of aluminum-clad steel wires.


Used for guy or messenger wire where long life and superior corrosion resistance is desired.

Specification Data

ASTM B-416

Product Data

DesignationConstruction Nos. (in.)AWG (equiv.)Stranded diameter (in.)Cross section (in²)Breaking load (lb.)Weight lb./1,000 ft.
4 MG33/0.1023/10 AWG0.2200.02454,50070.61
5 MG33/0.1143/9 AWG0.2470.03065,60088.18
6 MG7/0.0817/12 AWG0.2420.03616,300104.1
6.6 MG7/0.083--0.2490.03796,600109.3
7 MG33/0.1283/8 AWG0.2770.03867,100111.2
8 MG7/0.0917/11 AWG0.2720.04558,000131.4
5/16 IN. MG33/0.1413/7 AWG5/160.04958,400142.7
10 MG7/0.1027/10 AWG0.3060.057210,000165.1
5/16 IN. MG7/0.104--5/160.059510,400171.6
11.5 MG7/0.110--0.3300.066511,600192.0
12.5 MG7/0.1147/9 AWG0.3430.071412,500206.2
3/8 IN. MG7/0.121--0.079213,800228.4
14 MG7/0.121--0.3630.080514,100232.2
16 MG7/0.1287/8 AWG0.3860.090116,000260.0
18 MG7/0.139--0.4170.106218,000306.6
7/16 IN. MG7/0.1457/7 AWG7/160.115618,700333.6
20 MG7/0.148--0.4440.120420,000347.5
1/2 IN. MG7/0.165--1/20.149722,900432.0
25 MG7/0.173--0.5190.164525,000474.8

*Manufactured with pride in DeKalb, IL USA.